Viagra might be effective in treating hypertension

Recently conducted research showed, that Brand Viagra can amplify the effects of a heart-protective protein. The researchers tested the drug on lab animals. In other words, these experiments showed that one day Viagra might be used to treat hypertension (chronic high blood pressure).

The main thing, why it would be effective against hypertension is Viagra’s effects on a single protein called RGS2. To put it simply, because of Viagra’s effects on RGS2 the human body is protected from heart failure.

The experiment was conducted by inducing high blood pressure into mice. Half of the mice that lacked RGS2 died, because it caused weight expansion of mice by 90%, while mice, treated with Viagra didn’t die at all and grew only 30% heavier.

Viagra strengthened heart muscle, enhanced buffering and lowered heart stress.

“Viagra clearly enhanced the protective effects of RGS2 in mouse hearts”, said one of the study’s investigators and cardiologists.