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My name is Tom, I’m from Canada. I’m in my late thirties now, married, have a daughter. Everything started when I was 32 years old, me and my wife had sex 6 days a week and she started to complain that she wasn’t satisfied with my sexual performance. Then I realized – I couldn’t stay “in action” for more than 15 minutes, sometimes even 10. I was shocked – I couldn’t provide good sex for my wife. The first thing I did after that was going to pharmacy store.

Purchasing viagra online

I knew that Viagra was the thing for situations like that, but sadly I couldn’t buy it, the saleswoman requested a recipe from a doctor, which I didn’t have. After my failure in buying Viagra I decided to try buying online, I knew that purchasing online doesn’t require recipe. First time when we had sex with me using Brand Viagra, my wife was astonished, next morning she was shining. Now it’s not me being unable to handle my wife, it’s vice versa – my wife can’t handle me!

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