I’m 25 and I’ve diagnosed with erectile dysfunction

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Diagnosed with erectile dysfunction

Like most of the teenagers I loved hanging out with friends in my teenage years, liked to party hard, drink hard, I used to smoke a lot too. Was a drug user too, loved ecstasy, weed light drugs. Now I’m 25 and I’ve diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, my doctor said that drinking, smoking and using drugs are the mains reasons of impotence. I noticed it when it started to get difficult to get my penis erected, didn’t think about it much, I didn’t care actually as long as I could get it hard.


Couldn’t get my penis hard


One day I came home with hot chick from the club, one think lead to another and we were naked in bed, and then the worst thing that could happen happened – as much as I was sexually aroused, I couldn’t get my penis hard. The next morning I freaked out, tried jacking off, still couldn’t get it hard. I visited my doctor, he was surprised when I was diagnosed with ED, but not as much as I was. Usually men get impotent in their 50’s or 60’s and I’m in my 20’s. Doctor gave me various samples to choose from: Cialis Brand, Viagra Brand, generic versions of them. I liked Brand Viagra the most. Now my sexual life is as good as ever, whenever I know I’m going to get laid, I pop the blue pill in my mouth an hour before the act. Brand Viagra literally saved my sexual life.

Tom Jenkins J.
London, UK

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