4 pills of Viagra a day for a 2 years old boy

Oliver Sherwood is only two years old, but he must take Viagra regularly in order to survive. He has a rare illness that causes high blood pressure and a simple illness, such as a chest infection could easily kill him. The illness is known as pulmonary hypertension and it can be controlled with four daily doses of Viagra. As you know, Viagra is used to boost erectile function in man’s body, but in Oliver’s case it opens veins and capillaries to aid the blood circulation.

His mother, Sarah, says that Viagra is very expensive drug, and it’s difficult bringing up a kid with such a disease, but Viagra is one of the cheapest drugs used to treat the illness, other drugs are much more expensive. The mother just hopes that Viagra will still help Oliver as he will get older, because different drugs are needed for older aged kids with this disease, and these drugs aren’t funded by the Health Service. The illness itself – pulmonary hypertension – is known to cause high blood pressure in the arteries and lungs, which strains the heart and reduces blood oxygen levels, which cause exhaustion.

Other symptoms are: coughing, nose bleeds, chest pains, breathing problems. The disease is very rare, less than ten children a year are diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension in the UK. A spokesman for NICE agreed, that Sildenafil is very effective in treating pulmonary hypertension.