Generic Viagra vs. Brand

As you know, Viagra was created by Pfizer in 90’s and since then this drug became the most commonly chosen drug to treat erectile dysfunction. Because of it’s popularity, a lot similar drugs were created. They are called generic drugs, in this case – generic Viagra. It has the same purpose as Brand Viagra, treating ED, and same main ingredient. The web is full of comparisons and articles about brand and generic drugs, their comparisons. You can easily find various information about this topic, some of it is true, but most of it – lies. This article will tell you, what is true and what is just a myth.

There are a lot of articles, that says, that generic drugs perform as efficient as brand, so, here’s explanation, why it’s not true. The first difference people find between brand and generic Viagra is their prices. Generic is a lot cheaper, but it’s for a reason. has invested a lot of money into developing Viagra, finding better ingredients, making it’s side effects less severe, while generic drug’s companies doesn’t do that, they don’t invest in their drug’s research, they just manufacture. This leads us to the fact, that quality differs a lot. Pfizer spent almost twenty years in developing and improving the drug, invested millions of dollars in it, it wasn’t for nothing.

Viagra Brand has less side effects

Brand Viagra has less side effects, it performs better, its effect last longer. Another thing, that people should be concerned about, is where the drug was made. Brand drugs are manufactured using the latest technologies and are constantly upgraded, while generic drugs companies doesn’t invest in manufacturing process, otherwise the price would a lot higher. Usually, generic drugs are being made in other countries, where workforce is cheaper. That proves, that another myth, that brand and generic drugs are being made in the same environment, is just a myth.

So, to sum up all things, if you’re looking for a product of great quality, you should choose Viagra Brand instead of generic. Just look at the facts, generic drugs are inferior to brand ones.